Produkte von C.U.FR.OL. Frantoi Oleari Umbri & Co.

C.U.FR.OL. Frantoi Oleari Umbri & Co., (Umbrian Olive Mills & Co.) mit Sitz in Spoleto, Umbrien, entstand aus dem kollektiven Spirit einiger der ältesten Olivenöl Mühlen Umbriens wie  Frantoio Gradassi der einer jahrhundertealten Familientradition folgt  und Tiziano Scacaroni der, dank seiner außergewöhnlichen Erfahrungen die technischen Aspekte der Firma führt.

It was the passion of these entrepreneurs for extra virgin olive oil that pushed them to combine their energies to create a central bottling and storage centre into which all of their best production flows. C.U.FR.OL. also directly controls the marketing of these products, privileging quality above all, but without neglecting its image, thus obtaining in this way the perfect combination that has enabled it to gain market share in ever increasingly selective trade channels: restaurant (our client portfolio includes several two and three star Michelin restaurants), qualified supermarket chains, catering of prestigious international airline companies, just to mention a few channels where C.U.FR.OL. operates.

Thanks to its fundamental link with olive growing traditions, C.U.FR.OL. has proven to be one of the best qualified companies to represent D.O.P. Umbria, Protected Designation of Origin extra virgin olive oil. The Company produces three out of the five D.O.P. Umbria sub regions: Assisi-Spoleto Hills, Martani Hills (area surrounding the towns of Todi and Montefalco) and Orvieto Hills. C.U.FR.OL. also produces high quality extra virgin olive oil from organic farming.

Following current market trends C.U.FR.OL. is positioning itself to become the market leader in the high quality extra virgin olive oil Private Label channel. For many yeas now the Company has been serving market leaders on both national and international scale.

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